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Safety Assist Innovation Positively Impacts Your Business.
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Make Safety a Revenue Center

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Multi-Tier Management
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Challenge: Construction projects often involve multiple subcontractors, making safety coordination complex and accountability difficult.

Solution: Safety Assist enables real-time monitoring of all projects, transforming safety practices from lagging indicators (after incidents occur) to leading indicators (proactive risk management).

Benefit: Improved safety coordination, and quicker identification of hazards and potential risks, create better overall safety performance by ensuring accountability. 

Secure Cloud-Based Solution
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Challenge:You need secure cloud-based accessibility, and having a single data source is crucial for safety management. 

Solution: Safety Assist, running on Microsoft Azure, ensures secure storage and accessibility of all safety data.


Benefit: Reliable data protection, easy access to safety information, and actionable insights.

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Make Safety a Revenue Center


Challenge: Choosing software and an agile partner that helps reduce time spent managing safety by increasing worker efficiency, decreasing clerical costs, decreasing insurance premiums and preventing regulatory penalties.

Solution: The Safety Assist team is constantly asking: what do you want from your Safety Software?

Benefit: Safety Software is not a one fits all solution.  Working with a partner that reacts to your needs by focusing on saving you time and money is valuable. 


Director of Safety Operations

Amador Alvarez Sr. speaks on how he sold the idea that improving safety can be a revenue center for your company.

Contractor Risk Mitigation

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Challenge: Not having instant access to safety data can hinder safety monitoring, risk assessment and corrective decision-making. 

Solution: Safety Assist captures all required project safety data, e.g. inspections, corrective actions, hazard pre-task plan…

Benefit: Contractors can manage in real-time safety performance for informed decision-making, proactive risk mitigation, and prevention of recurring safety issues.

Comprehensive & Easy-to-Use
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Challenge: Managing multiple applications for all aspects of safety activity is a recipe for failure.


Solution: Safety Assist has multiple inspections; corrective action plans; Hazard Pre Task Planning; observations, safety lessons; Power BI integrated analytics; permits and forms all in one mobile app with web based administration. 


Benefit: Safety Assist can be integrated with any third party software via our APIs.

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