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 The Safety Assist 360° Solution

 Turn your safety investment into a productivity and profit center
Safety Assist
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Powerful mobile safety programs and a comprehensive Power BI dashboard to drive proactive safety management.

Automated Reporting

Safety Assist creates detailed safety reports automatically, leveraging the power of Power BI.

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24/7 observation-driven safety system that uses AI to detect hazards and deliver real-time alerts, updates and predictive analytics.

   Predictive Analytics

T-Pulse uses the captured camera data to predict and prevent hazards using advanced AI algorithms.

1+1= Safety Assist 360°
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Real-Time Hazard Detection

Safety Assist 360° now uses AI to watch job sites for dangers in real-time, using your existing on-site cameras.

The combined power of these solutions creates synergies that amplify the value beyond the individual parts.

Reduced Rework
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Minimize costly delays and rework by proactively addressing safety issues before they escalate.

Compliance Automation

Automate safety documentation and reporting to ensure regulatory compliance with ease.

Improved Efficiency
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Streamline safety processes and free up resources to focus on schedule, budget and quality.

Liability Reduction

Protect your organization from legal risks and insurance liabilities through proactive safety management.

Revenue Generation
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Reputation Boost

Demonstrate your commitment to safety and attract top talent and clients to your organization.

Transform your safety program into a competitive advantage and a revenue center.

Enhanced Compliance and Risk Mitigation

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