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Project Owners / Developers

A Complete View of All Your Project's Safety Activity


As an Owner you are concerned with hiring contractors that ensure that schedule, budget, and quality goals are met while maintaining a safe environment for all workers. Safety Assist allows you to create a multi-tiered safety reporting structure so that you are always aware of all contractor’s safety activity.  This feature is at no cost to the Owner. 


Tiering Level Screen v1.gif

Safety Assist can help you:

  • View all safety activity in whatever form of detail or summarized data

  • Integrate with your chosen document management software or other software platforms

  • Improve quality and productivity by reducing incidents and keeping everything on schedule and within budget

  • Ensure Compliance with safety regulations and your Safety Plan

If you are looking for a way to improve safety across all contractors and tradesman, then Safety Assist is a valuable tool that you should consider.

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