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Construction Safety Professionals

A Comprehensive, Low-Cost and Easy-To-Use Safety Application


Safety Assist is a low cost, cloud-based browser, iOS and Android application that digitizes and analyzes construction safety performance.  You can manage safety reports, track safety data for trends across the entire organization that will help your company improve their company’s safety behavior.

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How Safety Assist Can Improve Safety & Quality

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Safety Assist can help businesses tie safety with quality and reduce quality defects. Safety Assist can be used to track the safety performance of individual workers and teams and assist in identifying trends in quality defects and generate reports that can be used to identify and address root causes of quality problems.  In addition, Safety Assist can be used to create and enforce your safety standards for work processes. This can help to ensure that work is performed in a safe and consistent manner, which can lead to fewer quality defects.

How Safety Assist Can Improve Productivity

Safety Assist can help businesses improve their productivity by reducing the amount of time and resources that are spent on necessary safety-related activities. For example, Safety Assist can be used to automate and track safety reports, which can free up time for other tasks.  In addition, Safety Assist can be integrated with other platforms via a client specific API which will save businesses time and money via a non-siloed data platform.

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Get Started with Safety Assist

Safety Assist is a powerful tool that can help contractors improve their safety, quality, and productivity.  By providing a centralized platform for managing safety activity across all projects, Safety Assist can help safety professionals drive consistent safety behaviors that support your safety plan and culture.

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